Software is killing us

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Since World War II there has been a fundamental change in how our institutions are structured
  • With regard to corporate form, governance and responsibility

That change can be summarized as organizational movement from bureaucratic to charismatic
  • Bureaucratic form can be viewed as intrinsically rational
  • Charismatic form is intrinsically ideological (though can be an ideology of one)

This has changed how we think about and design solutions to our needs and problems:
  • Which tools we bring to bear
    • Role of Software is a focus of this presentation

  • How we “know” (epistemology)
    • Concept of Complexity is a focus of this presentation

  • What our constraints are
    • Concept of Efficiency (time and money) is a focus of this presentation

  • What our freedoms are
    • Concept of de-institutionalization and de-regulation is a focus of this presentation

We are increasingly becoming dysfunctional as a result
  • Prone to failures
  • Collapse of institutions (universities, regulatory (e.g. FAA), technical, social). Loss of the factories of civilization.

For more on this (the complete presentation), see: The ramifications of organizational transition in the digital era. A lesson from Boeing and the 737 MAX: Software is killing us